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News / 5.3.19

Paprika Global wins string of accounts under Singapore’s Whole of Government framework


News / 3.26.19

Brainwave Wins PS Kenya


News / 1.29.19

Williams Whittle wins platinum, gold at MarCom Awards


News / 1.23.19

Repeat Group named Media Agency of the Year 2019


News / 12.5.18

Adex wins grand prize of 58th ACC Tokyo Creativity Awards


News / 11.26.18

Cramer-Krasselt Awarded Media Buying AOR For Children's Hospital of Wisconsin


News / 11.8.18

Rethink named Digital Agency of the Year by Strategy Online


News / 10.30.18

Lopito, Ileana & Howie Inc. acquires Pixelogic


News / 10.17.18

Paprika Global on roster for whole-of-government creative account worth over S$92m in Singapore


News / 10.11.18

Rethink helps WestJet rebrand to reflect global ambitions


News / 10.4.18

Eje Publicitaria wins “Best Loyalty Program” for Logitech


News / 9.26.18

ISC Innovators helps launch message in sync with Prime Minister’s address to UN


News / 9.7.18

Arms Communications wins accounts for Cremica, English Oven, Trident Home Décor


News / 8.30.18

Triton Communications helps Yes Bank highlight best interest rates, future-ready digital solutions


News / 7.30.18

Beyond Hawaii: Olomana Loomis ISC targets North America, Asia-Pacific region for expansion


News / 7.25.18

Morrison Agency Founder and CEO Elected to 4A’s National Board of Directors


News / 6.25.18

Brighton Agency named a Top Workplace in Greater St. Louis Area


News / 6.13.18

T. Marzetti Company's 16 Brands Move to Cramer-Krasselt


News / 6.8.18

Miller Brooks awarded National Silver ADDY for work on The Owner’s Wife


News / 4.25.18

Design agency Skybox joins TRIMM


News / 3.15.18

Triton Communications appoints Ashutosh Sawhney as CEO


News / 12.5.17

NETCO Group creates suPR! agency


News / 10.4.17

SAMCO appoints Triton Communications as creative and digital agency


News / 9.25.17

Eje Publicitaria wins new client Kodak Argentina


News / 9.7.17

K&L Tokyo executes digital campaign for Bazooka Candy with Japan’s most popular YouTuber


News / 7.17.17

Lopito, Ileana & Howie Inc. first agency in Puerto Rico to be named W Certified Company


News / 6.29.17

Lielens lands Golden Palace, launches multimedia campaign


News / 6.26.17

In memory of Norman Muntemba, owner/CEO Goman Advertising


News / 5.15.17

K&L Creative Produces New Online Video for Pigeon


News / 3.23.17

Lewis, USA, Wins 78 ADDY 2017 Awards


News / 3.23.17

Triton Communications, India, Wins Girnar, Narang Realty and Sterling Hospitals


News / 3.23.17

ZLRIgnition, USA, Wins ADDY 2017 Awards at AAF of Des Moines


News / 3.22.17

Porsche Launched Documentary Conceived by Cramer-Krasselt, USA


News / 2.14.17

Heart Warming Valentine’s Campaign for Interflora by Brandhouse, Denmark


News / 2.10.17

Voodoo, Ivory Coast, Creates Its Own Fundation


News / 2.10.17

Chief Marketer Names Quarry, Canada, as 2017 B2B Top Shop


News / 2.7.17

Quai des Orfèvres, France, Wins France Musique


News / 2.5.17

Lewis Communications, USA, Presents its Restored Midcentury Building Office In Birmingham, AL


News / 1.26.17

Golley Slater, UK, Creates Mitsubishi New TV Advert


News / 1.19.17

Quai des Orfevres, France, Wins Benedicta


News / 1.18.17

Oxyma, Netherlands, Now Proud Owner of Selligent Marketing V6 Partner Certificate


News / 1.3.17

ZLRIGNITION, USA, Has A New President And CEO


News / 12.15.16

Causa Publicidad, Peru, Wins 4 Awards At The WINA Festival


News / 12.15.16

RepeatGroup, France, Is "The Most Innovative Agency Of The Year"


News / 12.13.16

Quarry, Canada, Wins CAMP B2B Marketer of the Year Award


News / 12.13.16

Revo Branding Communications Group, China, becomes Chery’s Global Strategic Partner


News / 12.12.16

KRBO, France, Validates Digital Transformation in Estonia


News / 12.12.16

Olomana Loomis ISC, Hawaii, Wins IABC Silver Quill Regional Award


News / 12.12.16

Rino, Brazil, Wins 6 New Clients


News / 11.25.16

Cramer-Krasselt, USA, Wins BIC Stationery Assignment


News / 11.24.16

Lielens, Belgium, Wins Brico


News / 11.24.16

Artifical Group, Hungary, wins Agency of the Year


News / 11.23.16

Repeat Group, France, Pilots Maxitoys’ Radio Campaign


News / 11.18.16

United Communications Group, Taiwan, Wins 4 Greater China Effie Awards


News / 11.15.16

ICOM Regional APAC Annual Meeting in Taipei


News / 11.15.16

Paprika Global, Singapore, Launches New Website


News / 11.8.16

Lewis, USA, Buys Caddis


News / 11.3.16

DNA Seattle, USA, Wins Ben Bridge


News / 11.3.16

Eje Publicitaria, Argentina, Wins Several New Clients


News / 11.2.16

Alpha Baltic, Latvia, Listed Amongst TOP10 National Leading Companies


News / 11.2.16

Artifical Group, Hungary, wins Agency of the Year 


News / 11.2.16

Reichl und Partner, Austria, Wins 3 Awards at the German Design Award 2017


News / 10.27.16

Artificial Group, Hungary, Agency of the Year at the Creative B2B Awards


News / 10.25.16

Pacific Solutions & Services, Ghana, Wins the 2016 World Quality Commitment Award


News / 10.21.16

ICOM Regional EMEA Annual Meeting in Rotterdam


News / 10.20.16

First ICOM Cultural Exchange in Tokyo


News / 10.18.16

Triton Communications, India, Wins Gold at the PMAA Dragons of Asia Awards


News / 10.17.16

RINO COM, Brazil, Wins Vespa/Piaggio


News / 10.14.16

GolleySlater, UK, Preferred Supplier Among 500 Firms


News / 10.14.16

Lopito Ileana & Howie, Puerto Rico, Wins Excel Awards


News / 9.29.16

Voodoo Group, Ivory Coast, Wins an Award at Cristal Festival


News / 9.26.16

Alpha Baltic, Latvia, Hires Two New Award-Winning Creative Directors


News / 9.21.16

Agencies in the U.S. and Hungary Selected for ICOM Membership


News / 9.19.16

ICOM Restructures Its Board of Directors


News / 9.16.16

ICOM’s North American Regional Meeting


News / 9.15.16

ICOM Launches Its New Website


News / 8.31.16

FARM, USA, Acquires Pathfinder


News / 8.29.16

Repeat Groupe, France, Wins Sennheiser Media Account


News / 8.26.16

K&LArms, India, Wins the Suzuki Account Following a Multi-Agency Pitch


News / 8.26.16

New CEO for Joiqu, Avalon’s Subsidiar in Finland


News / 8.11.16

An Award for Triton, India, at DMA India Createffect


News / 8.10.16

Great Press Coverage for DNA in Seattle for Their BECU Campaign


News / 8.5.16

US Cramer-Krasselt Wins Global Cotton Business


News / 7.31.16

6 awards for Olomana Loomis ISC in Hawaii at PRSA Koa Anvils


News / 7.19.16

2 Awards for Voodoo Group, Ivory Coast, at ASCOM 2016


News / 7.13.16

Oxyma certified Adobe Campaign Specialized Partner in the Netherlands


News / 7.12.16

Repeat Groupe in Paris Wins Coffee, Tea and Chocolate Business


News / 7.11.16

Triton, India, Wins Syscom Organic Cosmetic and Beauty Business


News / 7.5.16

Morrison in Atlanta


News / 6.29.16

New Business Win – Hawaiian Style with Olomana Loomis and Popeyes


News / 6.29.16

Fideli’s Rwandan Office Celebrates its First Birthday


News / 6.23.16

Phelps Named 'Best Places to Work'


News / 6.23.16

Quarry Explains the Disagreement Between Sales & Marketing


News / 6.20.16

Lewis Communications Takes Home 3 ADDY Trophies


News / 6.17.16

Oxyma's Recent Acquisition


News / 5.30.16

ICOM's Annual Conference


News / 5.8.16



News / 4.28.16

Delivering a Record-Breaking 10 Million Visitors to Wales in 2015


News / 4.7.16

Driving Print Media to New Heights


News / 3.14.16

Our Angels are Flying High!


News / 2.17.16

ICOM Agencies and Nikon Strengthen Their Collaboration


News / 2.2.16

Hands-On Creativity! DNA Launches Animated Puppet Campaign