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Press / 6.3.24

ICOM Marketing Communications Network of Independent Agencies Elects Three New Board Members; Adds New Position of Tech & Innovation Director


Press / 5.21.24

ICOM’s 2024 Annual Meeting Aims to Help Members Embrace Evolution As a Strategic Path for Growth


Press / 3.25.24

Portuguese agency Wise Pirates joins ICOM, expanding presence in Europe


Press / 5.8.23

ICOM Latin America Expansion Signals Enhanced Offering of Regionwide Advertising, Marketing Communications and Related Services


Press / 1.31.23

Award-winning Oslo-based Heisholt Inc. Joins ICOM Global Agency Network, Serendipity of Fortuitous Speaking Engagement


Press / 11.22.22

ICOM Adds New Agency Member, TCA, to Represent Sub-Tropical Island Nation of Mauritius


Press / 6.7.22

ICOM Elects Alan Brown, Co-founder/Chairman DNA, As New Board Member & Regional Director for North America


Press / 5.12.22

ICOM Global Meeting Addresses Future of Marketing Communications Agencies in Metaverse


Press / 11.8.21

ICOM North America Region Meets Virtually; Builds on Highly Successful Format of Global Meeting in June


Press / 7.7.21

ICOM Names Medium Rare As Exclusive Agency Representative in Bangladesh; Enhances ICOM’s Film Production Capabilities


Press / 6.21.21

ICOM Global Network Convenes First Virtual World Meeting; Laying Groundwork for ‘Back to the Future’ After Months Apart


Press / 3.31.21

ICOM Marks 70th Anniversary as Most Geographically Diverse Global Network of Independent Marketing Communication Agencies


Press / 10.19.20

ICOM Expands in Asia Pacific, Appoints New Agency Member Providing Services in Australia and the Philippines


Press / 9.8.20

ICOM Expands, Strengthens Service Offerings Beyond Traditional Services with Addition of Two US-based Agencies


Press / 6.18.20

ICOM Appoints Moscow-based SA Media Group to Represent the Global Marketing Communications Network in Russia


Press / 2.13.20

ICOM Network Expands Offerings in Important European Markets: Appoints New Members in Germany and Spain


Press / 12.11.19

Strength to Greater Strength: ICOM Appoints Agencies in Poland and The Netherlands to Enhance Digital and Creative Capabilities


Press / 10.3.19

ICOM Appoints Egyptian Ad Exec Hazem Hussein As New Board Member & Regional Director for Middle East & North Africa


Press / 10.3.19

ICOM Appoints Hawaii Exec Alan Tang As Board Member & Regional Director for Asia-Pacific - Aims to Expand Presence


Press / 5.15.19

Harnessing the Power of Fusion – A Fitting Focus for ICOM Marketing Communications Network’s Annual World Meeting


Press / 3.7.19

ICOM Strengthening Media Capabilities All Across Americas from Northern Canada to Cape Horn


Press / 1.24.19

Latin America’s Largest Independent Media Agency Group Joins ICOM Global Network


Press / 11.12.18

Morrison Named Global Agency of Record for Sealed Air Food Care Division, with Global Support from the ICOM Network of Agency Partners


Press / 11.7.18

Romanian Agency Infinit Solutions Brings Savvy High-Tech Skills, Training and Services to ICOM Network


Press / 10.18.18

A Capital Steeped in Culture - Capital Fueled by Culture


Press / 9.19.18

Strengthening Synergies & Connections Among Member Agencies at ICOM N. America Regional Meeting


Press / 8.30.18

ICOM Appoints Kenyan Ad Exec June Kiragu As New Board Member & Regional Director for Africa


Press / 5.16.18

Sharing & Managing Global Business A Key Topic at Annual World Meeting of ICOM Marketing Communications Network


Press / 5.14.18

Dutch Agency TRIMM Named to Represent ICOM in Holland


Press / 3.15.18

Rethink Canada Joins ICOM; Strengthens Global Agency Network’s Presence Across North America


Press / 3.1.18

ICOM Appoints Canadian Ad Exec Ken Whyte As New Board Member


Press / 10.17.17

Creativity As a Business Growth Catalyst


Press / 9.12.17

Art. Science. Truth. Luck. And more…


Press / 9.4.17

Mosca Publicidade Named to Represent ICOM in Portugal


Press / 6.22.17

Nordic Region a Key Growth Target for ICOM


Press / 5.2.17

2017 World Meeting of ICOM Global Marketing Communications Network Focuses on Customer Centricity


Press / 1.12.17

Finland’s Super Analytics Selected for ICOM Membership


Press / 10.20.16

Oxyma Group Hosts EMEA Regional Meeting for ICOM Global Marketing Communications Network


Press / 9.21.16

Agencies in the U.S. and Hungary Selected for ICOM Membership


Press / 9.19.16

ICOM Global Marketing Communications Network Restructures Board; Elects New Directors


Press / 9.15.16

ICOM Independent Agency Network Launches New Website


Press / 5.26.15

Agencies in Holland, Kenya and Latvia and the U.S. selected for ICOM membership


Press / 4.1.15

ICOM Network Appoints Emma Keenan As Executive Director


Press / 11.7.14

Troika Imagineering Works Named to Represent ICOM in South Africa


Press / 9.22.14

ICOM Appoints Fideli As its Representative in Uganda


Press / 9.15.14

ICOM Appoints New Regional Director for Asia/Pacific


Press / 3.17.14

AMBA to Represent the ICOM Global Agency Network in Australia


Press / 2.11.14

ICOM Appoints Pulse Ltd. As Its Representative in Ukraine


Press / 1.7.14

Miller Brooks Joins ICOM Global Ad Network


Press / 6.4.13

ICOM Appoints Brands Communication Group (BCG) As Its Representative in Costa Rica


Press / 5.6.13

ICOM Appoints Gulf Marcom As Its Representative in Bahrain


Press / 4.2.13

ICOM Appoints Grafton Media As Its Representative in Ireland


Press / 1.27.13

ICOM+IN Appoints Niche IMC As Its Representative in Nigeria


Press / 12.11.12

ICOM+IN Appoints New D&N Advertising As Its Representative in Vietnam


Press / 10.31.12

ICOM+IN Rapidly Expanding in Africa


Press / 7.15.12

ICOM Combines with IN in First Ever Union of Indie Ad Agency Networks


Press / 6.12.12

Agencies in Singapore and Turkey selected for ICOM membership


Press / 3.6.12

ICOM Appoints Base 1 As Its Representative in Chile


Press / 1.17.12

ICOMs Swiss member, m.a.d. brand care, names Christian Loosli Managing Director


Press / 1.3.12

ICOM Appoints Humming IMC As Its Representative in Korea


Press / 10.26.11

ICOM Agencies Invest in Technology and Find Other Ways to Grow Their Businesses


Press / 10.15.11

2002-2003 Outlook and Opportunities: Summary of survey results of ICOM North American agencies


Press / 5.23.11

ICOM Agency Survey Finds Concrete Signs of Stepped Up Ad Budgets, New Product Activity in Many Countries


Press / 4.25.11

ICOM Appoints Paradigma As Its Representative in Russia


Press / 1.18.11

ICOM Expands, Adding Member Agencies in Two Key Markets, Minneapolis and Hamburg, Germany


Press / 1.3.11

ICOM Global Survey Finds Optimism for Mid-size Advertising & MarComm Agencies in 2011


Press / 6.17.10

Business Takes a Little Breather at World Cup Time: ICOM Survey


Press / 3.31.10

ICOM Expands in China; Adds 2nd Agency O&R Communications Group


Press / 3.8.10

ICOM Appoints Goman Advertising As Its Representative in Zambia


Press / 2.10.10

ICOM Members Respond to Colleagues in Turkey with a "Ticker Ticker"


Press / 12.10.09

ICOM Expands Network; Appoints Agencies in 2 African Countries


Press / 9.14.09

Helsinki agency Avalon appointed to represent ICOM in Finland


Press / 7.14.09

Agencies in Holland and Russia selected for ICOM membership


Press / 5.21.09

Some bright spots for ad business despite down economy


Press / 1.27.09

ICOM Global Network of Independent Ad Agencies Elects President & Directors


Press / 10.6.08

Angels Advertising Appointed to Represent ICOM in Estonia


Press / 8.18.08

Primus Advertising Appointed to Represent ICOM in Ghana and Nigeria


Press / 6.16.08

Agencies in Pakistan and Switzerland selected for ICOM membership


Press / 5.27.08

As Tough Times Spread to Many Industry Segments, ICOM Agencies


Press / 4.1.08

Agencies in Mexico and Vietnam selected for ICOM membership


Press / 2.1.08

Seven Survival Tactics for Independent Marketing


Press / 1.22.08

U.S. Economic Woes Triggering Changes in Independent Ad Agency


Press / 1.20.08

Agencies in US (Dallas, Texas) and Colombia selected for ICOM membership


Press / 1.15.08

ICOM Global Network of Independent Agencies Elects First Brazilian President


Press / 8.28.07

Sugar Advertising to Represent the ICOM Network in New Zealand


Press / 7.30.07

Krakatua Appointed to Represent the ICOM Network in Malaysia


Press / 5.17.07

Agencies in Ireland and Latvia selected for ICOM membership


Press / 2.22.07

Agencies in Malta and Vietnam selected for ICOM membership


Press / 12.11.06

MAG Communications Named to Represent ICOM in Bulgaria


Press / 10.19.06

While Internet Is King in Every Region of the World, Other Ways of Reaching Audiences Are Also Growing: ICOM Survey


Press / 9.28.06

Spotlight Named as First Agency to Represent ICOM in Romania


Press / 4.28.06

Europe and Latin America gearing up for onslaught of World Cup-related advertising/promotion; some countries in Asia also


Press / 4.11.06

Sustaining growth is biggest concern of owners of independent marketing communications businesses


Press / 3.26.06

ICOM Network to Meet in Miami for Annual Strategy Session


Press / 3.23.06

Agencies in Canada, China and Taiwan selected for ICOM membership


Press / 2.1.06

Media Alert: Ad pros to vote on Super Bowl commercials in a Best of the Bowl poll


Press / 2.1.06

FedEx Is No. 1 with Ad Pros