News & Press / December 13, 2022

Advantage Marketing and Advertising wins Silver Epica Award

Our Egyptian agency, Advantage Marketing and Advertising, has won a Silver Epica Award in the Luxury & Premium Brands category for their “The Bubble Buster” campaign.

How it Started:
As one of the top real estate innovators in the Middle East developing gated communities, Mountain View, Advantage's client, aimed to show that true happiness can be felt through simple human activities, regardless of where you live.

Smartphones, social media, the gated community lifestyle, and now the metaverse? Our children are growing up in an era of total connectivity yet severe isolation from the real world, their families, and each other. This technologically-induced isolation is represented as living in bubbles that bait us with momentary happiness and gradually imprison us until we forget the true happiness outside their enclosure.

Happiness is a choice. Choose to be Bubble Free. That’s the morale that Mo Salah tells in his story to a young girl he meets on a train that seems attached to her cell phone. He starts symbolizing the fake happy life as an imaginary bubble world, while the girl starts to create the story in her imagination where she frees her friends from the bubbles. In the end, she helps her friends return to a world where they can smell the flowers, touch the grass, and feel true happiness.

Production Process:
The film was shot between London, Liverpool, and Cairo by award-winning director Tarsem Singh, creator of well-renowned Hollywood movies, music videos, and commercials. It was produced by Radical Media productions (LA) in collaboration with ASAP Productions (Cairo). Ged Clarke was in charge of production design and the VFX was crafted by UPP (Prague).
About Advantage:
Advantage is one of the strongest independent marketing and advertising agencies in the Middle East and the first in the region to win a Cannes Lions in 2010, followed by various awards, including wins at the Gand Prix in Dubai Lynx and Effies, among others.

About The Epica Awards:
The Epica Awards recognize excellence in the creative marketing communications industry and are one of the world's largest and most prestigious awards shows.

Congratulations to the Advantage Marketing and Advertising team!