News & Press / November 3, 2020

TRIMM wins Dutch Interactive Award with Grolsch work

TRIMM and Grolsch have won a Dutch Interactive Award (DIA) in the Digital Transformation category. The DIA is the most important prize for digital work in the Netherlands. The internet agency from Enschede received the prize for the portal in which Grolsch collaborates online with the catering entrepreneurs. Marc Woesthuis, director of TRIMM: “We are proud that a period of intensive collaboration between the Grolsch and TRIMM teams has resulted in this great recognition”.

The judges explained their choice as follows: “On this online platform, Grolsch supports its catering entrepreneurs with self-care, data and (market) insights. This has set an entire sector in motion. This only works if you apply the right methods, systems and technology and manage the impact on the organization. Because the bar is high in this extremely competitive market.

The jury liked that complex analyses were presented in a simple manner. "This case comes closest to the total package of digital transformation. Not only in terms of technology, but also in the contact with the customer. The platform was built and validated during a difficult period for the customer (catering entrepreneurs), the intelligent lockdown this spring. Various industries have been helped with this digital transformation.”

With a wide portfolio of brands and beers, Royal Grolsch operates in a fairly traditional market in which catering and retail are the main channels. However, the role of digital and e-commerce is slowly growing. Expectations are increasing noticeably in the B2B world. TRIMM has developed the Grolsch Horeca Portal together with Grolsch. An innovative, online platform that supports Grolsch catering entrepreneurs with self-care, data and the associated data analyzes. It provides Grolsch with a platform with which it will be able to support catering entrepreneurs and generate new customers, also in the period after Covid-19.

The starting point for the online platform was to create an extension of the relationship between Grolsch and its B2B customers, the catering entrepreneurs. The portal offers advantages in various areas: gaining more business from existing relations, dealing with customer questions more efficiently and 24/7, less intervention by the account manager, bringing different internal departments closer and creating a single point of entry by bringing all online tooling together in one central location. The platform is built from the user journeys of different users, the portal supports the account manager seamlessly in their daily work. The account manager has all the information and tooling available in one place to prepare, conduct and conclude a visit.

The Dutch Interactive Awards took place for the eleventh time and are an initiative of the online business title Emerce and the branch organization for web agencies DDA.