News & Press / March 7, 2023

.becoming, "The Enterprising," Recognized as Top Market Player by STRATÉGIES

We are delighted to share that our French agency, .becoming, has been recognized as one of the top up-and-coming market players by STRATÉGIES, France's leading communication and advertising trade media.

In an interview with STRATÉGIES, Christophe Levyfve, the agency's founder, discussed his vision for the company, revealig the “secret sauce” that has transformed .becoming from a 45-people regional agency into a transnational business consulting and communication company with 300 talents across Lille, Paris, and Brussels in just 10 years.

At the core of .becoming's "Enterprising" business is the promise of “Helping brands improve people's life.” To keep this promise, the agency has added two activities to the core crafts of communication: entrepreneurship and tech innovation. Through a proprietary method called Entrepreneurial Shot©, .becoming is able to transform clients' organizations and generate new growth drivers in just 100 days. The agency has also set up an entrepreneurial stable with 200 young and talented entrepreneurs to support the development of joint start-up ventures with clients. This approach has drawn the attention of trade observers and key players in the industry.

.becoming's recent launch of UUSI, a new shoe brand that offers shoes that fit the unique shapes of individuals' feet, is proof of the company's commitment to challenging popular misconceptions and improving people's lives.

In a last year's ICOM World Meeting, visitors to .becoming's headquarters in Lille were able to witness firsthand the company's innovative and enterprising approach to business. This approach has earned .becoming the title of “the enterprising” and has cemented the company's place among the most innovative market players.

We congratulate our enterprising French agency on their well-earned recognition!

About .becoming
.becoming helps brands – and those who build them – to improve people's lives. To do this, we support our clients in France, Belgium and around the world on issues related to one, or all, of our three businesses (entrepreneurship / innovation / communication).

If we succeed, it is thanks to the entrepreneurial genetics of the group, to the collaborative structure of our methods, and to a unique organization based on a successful approach of combining three professions: E-TI-C: Entrepreneurship, Tech / Innovation and Communication.

.becoming supports over 400 brands in their creation and development. In 2022, we forecast a consolidated turnover of 49 million euros for a workforce of around 270 employees and an entrepreneurship team of 180+ entrepreneurs.