News & Press / November 18, 2016

United Communications Group, Taiwan, Wins 4 Greater China Effie Awards

Congrats to United Communications Group (UCG) in Taiwan for winning 4 Greater China Effie awards: 2 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze. With more than 7000 entries from the region and over 300 from Taiwan, UGC won gold for Yamaha Cuxi (motorcycles) in the Youth Marketing Category, a brand they have handled for over 20 years and a product they established from scratch based on one unique insight: chasing girls older than you! Another gold was awarded in the Brand Publicity category for Family Mart, buying ice cream to support children in rural areas. They won a silver Effie in the Automobile category for their work with Nissan for a series of short films to rejuvenate the brand and finally, a bronze for Tai-Shin bank in the Financial Product and Services category by bringing a new definition to an old positioning.