News & Press / December 14, 2021

Darwin & Verne Opens a New Office in the Metaverse

We are excited to announce that Darwin & Verne, our agency member in Spain, is set to  open a new office in the metaverse by launching a digital reproduction of its physical office. The company’s headquarters, a historical 19th-century building, will become a digital universe for working, communicating, and holding business meetings. The virtual office was developed on the Gather platform, and the team and guests will be able to enter it by means of personalised avatars.

D&V’s new virtual and interactive space will be able to embody some of the processes of the Agile methodology recently implemented at the agency and will open up new communication channels for the team to experiment with a digital concept that has been recently generating the most conversation and interest in the market.

Darwin & Verne’s virtual office in the metaverse features workrooms that will replace applications such as Zoom and Meet. The team's avatars will be able to get together in them for meetings, presentations, or just to talk with one another or a talk, and will allow them to even do virtual go-kart races. It’s a metaverse of its own that’s full of surprises and hidden interactions for visitors. 

In keeping with the extraordinary journey that the agency embarked on a few weeks ago, Darwin & Verne’s new virtual office will also feature an auditorium in the form of a ship, inspired by the Beagle, on which Darwin (the agency’s namesake) set out to map the world.