News & Press / April 11, 2023

Pavone’s Varsity Marks 150th Roundtable Project, Fostering Growth in Retirement Living Marketing

Varsity, an agency that specializes in senior and retirement living marketing and a part of Pavone Group, recently celebrated a milestone with its 150th weekly Roundtable Project. 

Varsity started the Roundtable Project – a weekly meeting that’s open to marketing leaders at retirement communities nationwide – soon after COVID-19 began. The goal of the meeting was to bring communities together to share insights about how to navigate retirement living during a pandemic. More than 150 meetings later, the Roundtable has become a weekly source of knowledge and support for communities from New York to California.  

The topics discussed in the meetings have also evolved. Today, Varsity hosts guest speakers across a wide variety of disciplines, from research to sales to digital and social media. Around one virtual table, the group discusses, shares, learns and grows to help each other become smarter retirement living marketers.