News & Press / March 5, 2021

GOPAcom. and .BECOMING Secure Europe for Four Years and 50 Million Euros

ICOM Network supports agency member .becoming with its alliance of global partners

After a competition held over several weeks in 2020 among a selection of 10 European agencies, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Communication has chosen the GOPAcom. x .becoming Alliance to assist Europe with its communications, with a four-year renewable contract (ref.: COMM-2019-OP-0029) for a budget of 50 million euros. The contract covers all of the communications disciplines, from strategic consulting to operational deployment, and is built around three main fields of activity: advertising and space purchasing, thematic communication campaigns and thematic digital communication campaigns.

The European Commission is thus consolidating the centralisation and coordination of all of its thematic communications and optimising the dissemination of messages and debates put forward by the 40 directorates-general, European agencies and organisations associated with the European Union. It is therefore responding to a growing need to better inform European citizens about the main issues concerning Europe.

The GOPAcom. x .becoming Alliance has been entrusted with the design and deployment of thematic communication campaigns targeting 446 million citizens in 24 languages throughout all of the 27 European Member States and beyond. The objective is to get each and every European citizen actively involved in Europe and contributing topics for debate with an impact in their countries.

The GOPAcom. x .becoming Alliance was selected for its expertise in the field of European institutions, its broad coverage of all aspects of communication, its ability to set up innovative communications tools and organisations generating a significant return on investment, and its ability to coordinate effective communications programmes on a global or multi-local level. The fact that .becoming is a member of ICOM, one of the world’s leading independent communications agency network (with 70+ agencies in 50+ countries and a market coverage of 95%), of which Christophe Levyfve is also European President, was also pivotal in the selection of the GOPAcom. x .becoming Alliance to collaborate with the European Union.

GOPAcom, a communications agency belonging to the German family-owned GOPA Consulting Group, is based in Brussels. Directed by Antoine Rivet, it specialises in the European institutions and their communications challenges, and offers innovative communications solutions to institutions and governments.

.becoming is the first independent communications company in France and Belgium. Under the presidency of Christophe Levyfve, .becoming combines three fields of activity (entrepreneurship, tech and innovation and communications) to help brands improve people’s lives.

Antoine Rivet, Managing Director of GOPAcom.: “We are delighted to strengthen our ties with the European Union and work with .becoming to develop an alliance with all of the directorates-general which is fully in line with Europe’s needs and challenges and the relationship that Europe wants more than ever to build with its 446 million inhabitants.”

Christophe Levyfve, President of .becoming and ICOM Europe: “.becoming is extremely proud to have overtaken traditional international communications groups together with GOPAcom. to win Europe, which is such a wonderful client. We are honoured to assist Brand Europe with improving the lives of all Europeans. This demonstrates the validity of .becoming, its offer and its model on the European communications market.”

Emma Keenan, CEO of ICOM: “This is a historic win for ICOM and in particular the 27 European agencies in the network which, driven by GOPAcom. and .becoming, will each take part in the construction of Brand Europe and the relationship between Europe and the citizens of its 27 Member States.”

Florence JOUVE (Client Advisor, .becoming), Antoine RIVET (Managing Director, GOPAcom.) Jessica GRIFGNEE (BD Director, GOPAcom.), Emma KEENAN (Executive Director, ICOM), Christophe LEVYFVE (President, .becoming and ICOM Europe)