News & Press / February 10, 2023

Darwin & Verne Launches First Campaign for Cosentino's Pietra Kode Collection

Our Spanish creative brand consultancy member, Darwin & Verne, has executed its first work for the launch of the new Pietra Kode collection by Cosentino. The agency won the international account in December 2022 and has created a global campaign under the concept 'It is time to deconstruct.' The campaign is designed to cater to 30 countries. 

The new collection is inspired by three millenary stones: Vicenza, Travertino, and Ceppo. The campaign aims to rebuild the classical values of Vitruvius into high-performance surfaces that are versatile and adapted to modern design. The digital art gallery was brought to life by the recently founded Blanco Void studio, directed by Gonzalo Miranda. The central video piece of the campaign was translated into 15 languages and launched on February 1st 2023, along with a teaser, adaptations, social media content, display, web design, a digital catalog, and activations in various showrooms around the world.

The campaign is the result of a process full of questions and analyses that Darwin & Verne wants its customers and designers to ask themselves about the classical values and their validity in today's society. The creative director of Darwin & Verne, Pablo Mendoza, explains that the campaign aims to propose deconstruction as a tool for change in the future, and to revisit classical values to rebuild them with Cosentino materials.

This international campaign is a significant step for Darwin & Verne in its partnership with Cosentino. The launch of the Pietra Kode collection by Cosentino is a milestone in the industry and a great opportunity for the agency to showcase its creativity and expertise.

Read the complete press release here

Congratulations to Darwin & Verne on such a creative piece of work!