News & Press / April 13, 2023

DNA Guest Stars in Williams Whittle’s Two Marketing Moms Podcast to Discuss LGBTQ+ Inclusivity and Diversity in Advertising Industry

Alan Brown, Co-Founder and Chairman of DNA and ICOM North America Regional Director, recently joined Kelly Callahan-Poe, President of Williams Whittle, on her Two Marketing Moms Podcast to discuss his Project 47 Pledge, a vehicle for advertising agency leadership to commit to mentoring LGBTQ+ talent to aid in career advancement. Alan discusses workers' challenges in finding sympathetic mentors and provides strategies for employers and employees to foster an inclusive culture for LGBTQ+ employees.

In the podcast, Alan shared insights on creating inclusive workplaces and promoting LGBTQ+ visibility and equity, as well as the steps employers can take to support coworkers and colleagues.

During the conversation, Alan emphasized the importance of visibility and inclusivity in advertising agencies. He suggested that employers provide options for employees to self-identify, use personal pronouns and gender-neutral language, and collect and report statistics on LGBTQ+ representation in their companies. These actions signal to employees that they are part of an open, safe, and inclusive culture.

To support coworkers and colleagues, Alan recommended having allies within the organization and ensuring that the workload of promoting diversity and inclusivity is not solely placed on LGBTQ+ employees. Moreover, understanding and customizing health benefits, adoption policies, and parental leave for all types of families are crucial ways to support LGBTQ+ co-workers.

The podcast also touched on the role of advertising in shaping culture and the importance of understanding and celebrating the nuances within diverse communities. Alan highlighted the DE&I advisory board set up by DNA Seattle as an example of how advertising agencies can ensure inclusive and representative content.

To learn more about these initiatives and how advertising agencies can take action, visit the Come Out to Work website and consider taking the Project 47 pledge.

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