News & Press / May 28, 2020

AliExpress launches television and digital blitz with Darwin Social Noise creative

ICOM's Spanish member agency Darwin Social Noise has launched a campaign for AliExpress aimed to position the brand as the e-commerce platform to find top brands at affordable prices, highlighting its fast delivery in just five days for selected products in AliExpress Plaza. The creative concept leverages music and local humour to connect with the audience.

The campaign began airing on TV and digital platforms last week, and consists of seven short commercials, each one focusing on a different product from one of AliExpress’ partner brands for the campaign: Xiaomi, PlayStation, LG, Oral-B, Cecotec, Dodot and Durex. In each commercial, a character tells a short story through song about an emotional wish, and as a resolution to that wish they get a package with a product from AliExpress. The slogan that goes with the campaign is ‘Make (order) your wish, because asking (ordering) doesn't cost you much’, a play on words with a double meaning using the verb ‘pedir’ in Spanish, which means ‘to ask’, and also ‘to order’, and using also a saying in Spanish which roughly translates to ‘Asking for something doesn't cost you much’. The stories are narrated with songs composed specifically for the campaign, in seven different musical genres—one for each story—with rhyming lyrics in a humourous tone.

Darwin Social Noise was assigned the campaign after an ad agency review involving four agencies. Lobo Kane was in charge of production and Christopher Cartagena was the director.

Campaign details:
Agency: Darwin Social Noise
Advertiser: Alibaba
Prduct: AliExpress (e-commerce platform)
Brand: AliExpress
Client: Iting Lin, Guillermo Ruiz Nuño
Creativo President: Carlos Sanz de Andino
Executive President: Miguel Pereira
Executive Creative Director: Óscar Moreno
Creative team: Gonzalo Calvo, Pablo Caraballo
Agency Head of AV Production: María Jiménez
Account executive: Serena Francescato
Graphic Design: César Bertazzo
Content Director: Bel Rodríguez
Production: Lobo Kane
Executive producer: Ramón Corominas
Production Manager: Elena Sáenz
Director: Christopher Cartagena
Title: “Pedir cuesta muy poco”
Version: 7 x 20” + 7 x 10”