News & Press / April 16, 2023

Cramer-Krasselt's Porsche Ice Cream Activation Melts Hearts and Drives Brand Love

Our North American agency, Cramer-Krasselt, recently created a delicious and innovative campaign for Porsche Cars North America, mixing the brand's signature paint colors with ice cream to celebrate National Ice Cream Day. The objective of the campaign was to retain and build on brand love during a period of limited product supply due to supply chain issues.

The agency developed Twitter content for the first day of summer, which led to the realization that Porsche paint colors sound similar to ice cream flavors. The campaign featured car-shaped ice cream pops matching five real Porsche colors: Strawberry Red, Mint Green, Macadamia Metallic, Lime Gold Metallic, and Frozen Berry Metallic. An on-site event, Twitter content activation, and contracted influencers were used to increase awareness of the variety of Porsche colors while maintaining the fun of #NationalIceCreamDay.

Cramer-Krasselt identified two key objectives: create an ownable physical and virtual event building conversation on brand messaging without focusing on product sales and break through the cluttered #NationalIceCreamDay brand activations by driving engagements from local event attendees and global social followers.

The agency partnered with Dana Cree of Pretty Cool Ice Cream, who created custom pops that exactly matched five of the Porsche paint colors. Leading up to the event, Porsche Twitter teased how its paint colors sounded similar to ice cream flavors. Custom press releases, GIFs, real-time content captures, photo opportunities, and additional social support from influencers like Wells Adams, Chef Chris Cosentino, and Chef Sean Brock helped build momentum.

The results of the campaign were impressive. Conversations on Porsche Ice Cream and paint colors increased by more than 200%. The partnership with Pretty Cool Ice Cream successfully set the campaign apart from other #NationalIceCreamDay activations, allowing fans and followers to participate both locally and on social media. Content from owned channels and partner channels averaged above the overall engagement rate and saw over 90% positive sentiment, with users sharing their own suggestions for ice cream flavors the brand should make next.

Cramer-Krasselt's Porsche Ice Cream activation has become a finalist for a Shorty Award, proving that blending luxury cars and ice cream can drive brand love and success.