News & Press / February 3, 2021

Lopito, Ileana & Howie Expands Educational Program

Aware of the rapid-changes within the advertising industry and the digital innovations, Puerto Rican ICOM member Lopito, Ileana & Howie (LIH) announced the expansion of its educational program for development and professional growth. LIhSTOS will be the program's new identity, which will offer more than 400 trainings on various topics.

"We took on the task of expanding our team education program because we have seen a positive impact throughout all these years in the growth of our clients' brands. We wanted to give it a name to formalize what we have practiced for the past years. Now we are expanding the effort, considering not only the employees but also thinking about future professionals who will join our agency and our clients, who can also participate in some of the training offered by the program," explained Oliver Woeste, partner of LIH.

LIhSTOS will include more than 400 seminars, certifications, professional memberships, local and international conferences, which will offer LIH employees and clients the required tools to continue educating themselves on the latest trends. The LIH team may continue to renew its certifications in Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Hubspot's digital discipline.

Likewise, they will have the opportunity to update their knowledge according to the latest data & visualization trends, storytelling, programming, cybersecurity, public relations, social networks, strategic media planning, influencer marketing, LinkedIn, human resources, and others. The offering also includes language courses and international conferences such as Google Week, Social Media Week in New York and the Dominican Republic, Web Summit in Lisbon, SXSW Conference, and Cannes.

"World-known brands have trusted us for their advertising. For us, investing in education is synonymous with growth, competitiveness and service. It is about expanding minds, broadening our horizons, and daily challenging ourselves to take an extra step. The more prepared our employees are, the better service our customers will receive," added Woeste.