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We empower our members to become strong agency leaders and we equip our agencies’ staff with the resources and knowledge they need to do their jobs better.

We do this by pooling our knowledge and sharing our experiences.

What results is a rich array of expertise, skills, insights and opinions that are used to the benefit of the network.


this is where ICOM happens.

A fantastic networking opportunity for agency leaders and their teams to connect with like-minded industry experts from around the world. We hold one global meeting per year and one annual meeting per region to explore business opportunities together and to keep abreast of industry developments. 

*Available to ICOM members and guests only. Invitations to register will be sent via email.

  • The 2018 World Meeting will be held in Japan's busy capital, mixing the ultramodern and the traditional, from neon-lit skyscrapers to historic temples.

    Host agencies: ADEX and K&L


ICOM Leadership Webinar Series

We’re proud to have so many smart people in our network. There isn’t an industry sector, agency service or business skill that we can’t cover.
Each month we host an educational webinar, led by experts within our network, as part of our Leadership Educational Series. Aimed at agency leaders and their employees, topics can range from neuroscience & marketing to omnichannel experiences or holacracy, you name it we can provide expert training on it. And we do!

*Available to ICOM members and guests only. Invitations to register will be sent via email.

  • Wouter Hosman, Head of Innovation

    A tailor-made dialogue at every touch point is every marketer’s dream. By connecting your CRM data to the DMP data, we are able to personalize the message on every paid, owned and earned channel and increase campaign performance. We’ll talk about how we can deliver a better experience, suitable offers and higher conversion rates to maximize your return on investment.

  • Joe Phelps, Founder and CEO

    Traditional corporate structure, like the 20th century, is history. Consider this new business model with proven methods for aligning associates and  clients for success.

  • Dan Cabacungan, Director of Brand Planning and Insights

    Brands that can inspire love among their customers outcompete their peers for market share,  margins  and passionate loyalty. We'll talk about DNA's methods for uncovering what people love about our clients' brands (and for filtering out the "like"), how we capture those insights in a simple and meaningful strategy and how we leverage love to inspire new brand expressions and experiences.

  • Peter O’Leary, Director and the Brand Growth Guru

    Mandy O'Leary, Director and Empress of Fascination

    Science, perhaps for the first time, is now revealing the evidence on what drives growth and how consumers actually make decisions. It’s turning classical marketing theory upside down - challenging convention and creating a huge competitive advantage for those in the know. Is it a revolution or just another gimmick? The debate rages - see Marketing Week opinion article April 12, 2016, for just one example. This webinar will be an introduction to what science is now sharing and how this can be used for competitive advantage.  


    It's become more important than ever that agencies understand how to architect cross-channel digital experiences that connect, engage, sell and build advocacy for brands in a connected world. We'll discuss our approach to crafting campaigns from generating awareness to nurturing and educating leads, all the way through to driving desired outcomes. 

  • Jari Laakso, Account Director and Partner

    Learn about modern marketing content marketing programs in the B2B landscape, including goal setting, flow structures, cross channel content types, metrics and results. We'll also show you some concrete examples of how we work with Canon.