meetings & webinars


We empower our members to become strong agency leaders and we equip our agencies’ staffs with the resources and knowledge they need to do their jobs better.

We do this by pooling our knowledge and sharing our experiences.

What results is a rich array of expertise, skills, insights and opinions that are used to the benefit of the network.


this is where ICOM happens.

A fantastic networking opportunity for agency leaders and their teams to connect with like-minded industry experts from around the world. We hold one global meeting per year and one annual meeting per region to explore business opportunities together and to keep abreast of industry developments. 

*Available to ICOM members and guests only. Invitations to register will be sent via email.

  • Theme: TBD

    Host agency: NETCO Group


ICOM Leadership Webinar Series

We’re proud to have so many smart people in our network. There isn’t an industry sector, agency service or business skill that we can’t cover.
Each month we host an educational webinar, led by experts within our network, as part of our Leadership Educational Series. Aimed at agency leaders and their employees, topics can range from neuroscience & marketing to omnichannel experiences or holacracy, you name it we can provide expert training on it. And we do!

*Available to ICOM members and guests only. Invitations to register will be sent via email.

  • Host: Brent Hodgins, Managing Director, Mirren

    Description: Applying lessons directly from their new business and organic growth training with the best agencies in the business, Mirren will reveal new insight into the future of the agency industry. For more than a decade in their partnership with Harvard Business Review, they have been working closely with clients to track exactly how they select their agency partners. Their latest research is in – and more change is expected over the next 18 months than experienced over the last decade.

    Brent will unveil the most significant trends ahead, including a look at the implications of management consulting firms, in-housing, procurement and marketing technology. Importantly, he’ll also address how this will change an agency’s approach to pitching business. To apply the key insight, the talk will complete with some group discussion about how this will specifically impact those agencies in the room – and most importantly, how they can capitalize on the coming client shifts.