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We empower our members to become strong agency leaders and we equip our agencies’ staff with the resources and knowledge they need to do their jobs better.

We do this by pooling our knowledge and sharing our experiences.

What results is a rich array of expertise, skills, insights and opinions that are used to the benefit of the network.


this is where ICOM happens.

A fantastic networking opportunity for agency leaders and their teams to connect with like-minded industry experts from around the world. We hold one global meeting per year and one annual meeting per region to explore business opportunities together and to keep abreast of industry developments. 

*Available to ICOM members and guests only. Invitations to register will be sent via email.

  • Some of the biggest, most celebrated agencies in North America arose from small towns. The Martin Agency did it in Richmond. GSD&M did it in Austin. Wieden+Kennedy did it in Portland. Come see how Lewis Communications is doing it in Birmingham.

    Host agency: Lewis Communications

  • Valletta, the beautiful capital of Malta, is this year's European Capital of Culture. It is also the venue of our next inspiring meet-up with a cultural experience like no other—and on a sunny island, no less.

    Host agency: Switch


ICOM Leadership Webinar Series

We’re proud to have so many smart people in our network. There isn’t an industry sector, agency service or business skill that we can’t cover.
Each month we host an educational webinar, led by experts within our network, as part of our Leadership Educational Series. Aimed at agency leaders and their employees, topics can range from neuroscience & marketing to omnichannel experiences or holacracy, you name it we can provide expert training on it. And we do!

*Available to ICOM members and guests only. Invitations to register will be sent via email.

  • Jared Degnan, Chief Strategy Officer

    Creating end-to-end online experiences that effectively engage your clients’ customers and prospects is a challenge. Potential customers and prospects are continually lured away or caught up in the maze of distraction that exists online. We'll discuss how to assess, optimize, and develop digital ecosystems that are optimized for E2E experiences so that prospective customers spend more time with your clients and less with their competitors.

  • Dan Cabacungan, Director of Brand Planning and Insights

    Brands that can inspire love among their customers outcompete their peers for market share,  margins  and passionate loyalty. We'll talk about DNA's methods for uncovering what people love about our clients' brands (and for filtering out the "like"), how we capture those insights in a simple and meaningful strategy and how we leverage love to inspire new brand expressions and experiences.

  • Pete Laakso, CEO and Partner

    Learn about modern marketing content marketing programs in the B2B landscape, including goal setting, flow structures, cross channel content types, metrics and results. We'll also show you some concrete examples of how we work with Canon.