News & Press / April 12, 2023

Humming Introduces K-Yori, a Premium K-Food Home Cooking Brand, to Korean and Global Markets

Our Korean agency, Humming, an integrated marketing and commerce company led by CEO Jungwook Noh, has officially launched K-Yori, a premium K-Food brand specializing in home convenience foods. K-Yori aims to bring the authentic taste of Korean cuisine to consumers in Korea and worldwide. After introducing the K-Yori Homemade Soup Series earlier this year, the company is set to launch Braised Pollack with Dried Radish Leaves as part of the new K-Yori 'Rice Thief' Series on April 12.
K-Yori products, including the Homemade Soup Series and Braised Pollack with Dried Radish Leaves, are being exported to the U.S. and Vietnam through K-food export specialist JD&Co. The products have gained popularity in the U.S. through Wooltari Mall, the country's largest K-food commerce platform. K-Yori's manufacturing process ensures food safety and ingredient integrity by cooking in a hygienic HACCP-certified facility before being quickly frozen and packaged.
Humming Market, an online shopping mall, will hold a commemorative promotion and genuine review event for Braised Pollack with Dried Radish Leaves throughout April to celebrate the product launch. CEO Jungwook Noh expressed his commitment to launching K-Yori products that embody the flavors of Korean cuisine and elevate home dining experiences while promoting the K-Yori brand and K-Food to consumers worldwide through Humming's marketing expertise.