ICOM Media


right place, right time, right message.

In today’s complex global marketplace, engaging customers and prospects is as much about how, where and when you reach your target audience as it is about what your message is. That’s where we at ICOM Network - Global Media step in and step up. 

We are a group of established, independent media agencies around the globe—offering clients a competitive alternative to the international mega-media planning and buying groups. We come to the table with passion, entrepreneurial spirits, local insight and shared values. We build brands globally or regionally by being local, because we each have an excellent understanding of the cultural practices, trends and media in our respective countries.

Our eyes are always focused on our clients and their goals. Because we are not hampered by the bureaucracy of a corporate structure, we can be nimble and quick to break new ground in the rapidly-changing media landscape. The independent agencies of ICOM Network - Global Media are also committed to “Results Before Profit.” Our promise is to provide clients all information they need to assess the value of a media purchase, such as associated markups, discounts, rebates and other financial incentives.


our processes

Any ICOM Network - Global Media agency can serve as the principal agency on a multi-country account. The principal agency is the main point of contact for the client, manages the account and other media agencies involved and is responsible for the global engagement strategy and development of global activities. 

Local agencies report directly to the local office of the client, develop and implement the local media plan using the global plan guidelines and consult with the principal agency all along the way. The whole process is collaborative and seamless and results in campaigns with common goals and consistent messages. It’s just one of the reasons we have an excellent buying performance track record.

In addition to offering a full range of media services, the independent media agencies of ICOM Network - Global Media are a valuable resource for information about local client markets. They can compile trends, media practices and best business cases from their markets about any industry or sector.