News & Press / September 7, 2017

K&L Tokyo executes digital campaign for Bazooka Candy with Japan’s most popular YouTuber

Tokyo advertising agency K&L Inc. recently launched a successful YouTube video campaign for Bazooka Candy Brands, a leading American candy brand, contributing to a large-scale increase in brand awareness and sales expansion in the Japanese consumer market.

About the campaign
Under the concept of "edible entertainment", K&L Inc. aimed to promote brand experience and trigger dissemination among their target audience of children by employing Japan’s most popular YouTube star, "HIKAKIN", to promote the Sliderz PushPop, the client’s main product for the Japanese market. The video appealed that Bazooka Candy's products are not only delicious, but also entertaining.

Since the video launched, it has achieved 3.7 million views in three months. K&L Inc. also employed 10 other popular YouTube stars to promote their client's other products, resulting in more than 6 million views. This YouTuber campaign not only realized a huge impact on consumer awareness, but also contributed to product sales expansion 1.6 times higher than expected in just one month.

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Client: Bazooka Candy Brands International
Project name: BCBI Summer YouTube Campaign 2017
Product: Sliderz PushPop
Launch Date: May 26, 2017
Region: Japan
Leading Agency: K&L Inc.
Production Company: UUUM CO.,LTD
Video Starring and Produced by: HIKAKIN


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