collectively powerful

Strength in Numbers

Imagine staying independent but with immediate access to like-minded agency owners around the world. Especially when a brand you handle wants to expand Down Under or Up North. And what’s more: Imagine being able to share ideas and knowledge with peers who are not competitors. That’s ICOM.


Access to a global network of like-minded agency owners, who are not competitors and who are willing to share best business practices, tools, and knowledge.

ICOM has members in just about every country in the world where clients may need effective, integrated communications resources.

A collaboration platform where operational teams can "plug in" and connect with like-minded teams around the globe (Creative Directors with Creative Directors, Strategic Planners with Strategic Planners, Media Heads with Media Heads, etc.). Our belief is that it’s not just the agency owners or CEOs who should benefit from ICOM membership but also the agency staff.

Mentoring and guidance for the next generation of independent agency entrepreneurs.

An inter-agency staff exchange program. A great employee incentive and a means of discovering how business is done around the world.

agency exchange program

Sharing Cross-Border Experiences

In 2016 ICOM launched its Agency Exchange Program. Aimed at agency staff, the program enables members to work closely on joint client accounts or projects, learn more about a skill or service that is provided by one of our member agencies or get a deeper understanding of business in a particular region.

It provides agency leaders with a great staff incentive and provides ICOM with a wonderful platform to promote global collaboration.