collectively powerful

Stronger Together

Imagine the power of at-a-moment’s notice access to the world’s best and brightest marketing minds. The ability to call on like-minded independent marketing agency leaders to support your pursuit of global marketing opportunities. All without the worry of competing for business. Your independent spirit free to soar to every corner of the globe.

Membership in ICOM, a world leading independent agency network, gives you that and so much more.


Access to a global network of like-minded independent advertising, digital, marketing communication and media agency leaders. They’re your partners, not your competitors and they are ready to share best business practices, tools, and knowledge.

Covering 95% of the world’s markets, ICOM has members in just about every country. And these aren’t small startups. ICOM members are some of the top advertising agencies in the world, helping you deliver effective, integrated communications resources wherever your clients need them.

We believe that agencies should benefit from ICOM membership at every level of their organization. Our collaboration platform allows operational teams to "plug in" and connect with their counterparts around the globe — creative to creative, strategic planner to strategic planner, media team to media team and so on.

Mentoring and guidance to develop the next generation of independent marketing agency entrepreneurs and leaders.

Our inter-agency staff exchange program allows agency personnel to experience what it’s like to work at a top advertising agency in another country. It’s a great employee incentive and provides your agency with staff who have a global perspective that better prepares them to service brands that operate around the world.

agency exchange program

Sharing Cross-Border Experiences

In 2016 ICOM launched its Agency Exchange Program. Aimed at agency staff, the program enables members to work closely on joint client accounts or projects, learn more about a skill or service that is provided by one of our member agencies or get a deeper understanding of business in a particular region.

It provides agency leaders with a great staff incentive and provides ICOM with a wonderful platform to promote global collaboration.