News & Press / July 17, 2017

Lopito, Ileana & Howie Inc. first agency in Puerto Rico to be named W Certified Company

Ranked second place of the top five

San Juan, Puerto Rico—Lopito, Ileana & Howie Inc. (LIH), member of ICOM Network, announced that they have become the first advertising agency in Puerto Rico to be recognized as a W Certified Company™. The certification acknowledges local and international enterprises that believe and promote the inclusion of women. LIH won second place in a new category that recognizes the top five companies among more than 20. The award was given during a ceremony organized by Frances Ríos Enterprises at the Club Náutico de San Juan.

About W Certified Company
W Certified Company™ is a tool for enterprises to measure their efforts and best practices at the organization, as an employer that promotes inclusion, attracts, and retains the best female talent. It also recognizes enterprises that maintain a balance between genders in their management and directors board.

About LIH
LIH has had inclusion in its DNA since its establishment in 1972.  The agency’s vision of inclusion continues to the present, where women hold 70% of the management positions.   

“We are proud to receive the certification because it is the result of our efforts following our theme of inclusion since our origins. We had recognized the importance of women, to be well represented, and maintained a culture of inclusion at all levels as an employer, and they are part of the strategies as well as business decisions. We had proved that a business led by woman outcomes in business growth,” said José L. Álvarez Arraiza, LIH's general manager.

One of the innovative practices of the agency is Women in Innovation (WINN), a group of professional experts in the advertising and public relations industry with experience in communication programs targeted to women, as both a consumer and entrepreneur. Furthermore, WINN analyzes and studies shopping trends regarding products, services, lifestyle and media consumption habits.

The group of women leaders, with more than 15 years of experience, studied female segments and developed strategies where women consumers were represented in advertising without stereotypes. Likewise, they have a mentorship program at all levels that integrates the training of founding partner Ileana Font. The Talent Benefit Program of LIH includes continuing education, certifications, professional memberships and flexible schedule agreements, among others. 

The Puerto Rican advertising agency with more than 45 years of experience is the first local agency to develop internationally and locally recognized programs addressed to women offering empowerment tools to impact their life.


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Jescel Rolón