News & Press / April 29, 2021

Lewis Communications becomes AOR for EDPA

ICOM member agency Lewis Communications, with offices in Alabama and Tennessee, has announced a new partnership with the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama (EDPA), a former client of theirs.

Over two decades ago, with help from Lewis, the EDPA landed Alabama on a list of the top five US states to relocate to and helped to create a thriving automotive sector in the state. Together, they built a platform that recruited businesses such as Mercedes, Hyundai, Airbus, and Honda, to name just a few.

Now Lewis will be working with the EDPA again as the organization's new agency of record, supporting their efforts to engage key audiences across the state of Alabama and beyond.

One of the first initiatives they’ll be working on together to grow is their Alabama Launchpad program, which matches the state’s most innovative entrepreneurs with opportunities for mentorship, career growth, and REAL funding for their startups. Congratulations to the team on becoming part of an empowering entrepreneurial leadership initiative in Alabama. Here’s to the future and all that it holds!