News & Press / August 30, 2018

Triton Communications helps Yes Bank highlight best interest rates, future-ready digital solutions

Yes Bank has launched a multi-media advertising campaign for its key retail liability products: savings account, current account and green: future deposit. Ideated and executed by Triton Communications, the campaign aims to create an instant connection with the customers. The campaign's philosophy revolves around the need of crafting an evolving and aspiring India that aims for growth and progress. It also testifies to provide best-in-class interest rates and future-ready digital solutions.

Rajat Mehta, Yes Bank Senior President and Head, Retail Marketing and Brand Management, said, “This campaign highlights the aspirations and ever growing progress of Indians. Through this 360 degree campaign, we aim to highlight the positive transformation that the consumers are seeking and Yes Bank’s role as a trusted partner in this journey.”

Virendra Saini, Executive Director, Triton Communications, said, “For an aspiring nation that believes impatience is a virtue, for a nation that wants to turn its dreams into reality ‘today’ and won’t settle for anything less than the best. This is exactly what we have tried to portray in the new communication, to strengthen the brand’s connect, with its customers.”