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Jungwook Noh

Founder, President and CEO


humming IMC - Seoul, Korea

Jungwook founded and leads a unique integrated marketing communication agency in Korea that offers full-service capability.

He kicked off his career at Hyundai Electronics and later transitioned to the client side of marketing and advertising at Hewlett Packard. The past 20-plus years have given him the insight to understand customer and client pains as well as understand the business challenges they face in today’s ever-evolving media and agency landscape.

Jungwook has collaborated with a wide range of enterprises from small local agencies to large multi-nationals, such as BBDO, Leo Burnett, Cheil Worldwide, DDB and Publicis Welcomm. These experiences have inspired him to build a better agency that can tackle large-scale projects, while remaining light, nimble and flexible.

His recent focus has been on developing his agency’s expertise in cutting-edge marketing technologies, which can strongly influence both brand owners and agencies. To encourage early stage adoption of emerging marketing technology, he has been pioneering the first marketing technology exhibition in Korea along with AD Stars, Korea’s premier advertising awards festival.

Outside of humming IMC, Jungwook serves as the public relations chairperson for Korea’s Global Companies CEO Association (GCCA), an organization of more than 100 active CEOs from local firms and subsidiaries, such as Allergan, Ford Motors, Menarini, Merck, Redbull and Sennheiser.

Jungwook recently faced one of his toughest pitches yet, a personal one on behalf of himself and his children: convincing his wife to allow a pet to be added to the family.