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Alan Brown

North America Regional Director


Co-Founder + Chairman, DNA - Seattle, Washington, USA


My role for ICOM: The North American Region of ICOM Is made up of some of the most talented independent agencies, owners and leaders in the country. My role and goal is to create a strong connection among agency leaders that fosters transparent sharing of information that helps each accomplish their business goals. In addition, my role is to encourage and inspire other leading independent agencies who want to gain value from a network of like-minded owners and leaders to join our group.


The professional accomplishment I’m proudest of…I’m most proud of the fact that I've helped my agency of 24 years maintain relevance and growth In a challenging industry and climate.


The music in my headphones…Adele, Childish Gambino, Dua Lipa and FKJ Radio (on Pandora).


A saying that inspires or guides me…”We cannot put a price on our principles. There is no amount of money that can justify doing what we do not believe in."  Simon Sinek.


My hidden talent…Building relationships. I love that our industry is grounded in relationships and I can say that many of my clients are personal friends and many of the folks who have come through my agency grew into personal friendships.