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Zero Cooking Fires






Safera Ltd.

  • Concepting
  • Design


Safera Ltd. is a company offering intelligent, stylish and user-friendly solutions to improve safety and comfort. One of its recent designs is a line of stove guards for private homes, care facilities and non-residential buildings aimed at preventing cooking fires, the No. 1 cause of home and apartment fires.

In line with Safera’s mission, Avalon helped create an on-going safety campaign: Zero Cooking Fires, with the goal of eliminating all cooking fires by increasing awareness about preventive measures and smart safety solutions.

The core of the Zero Cooking Fires campaign is a website where authorities, decision makers, legislators, building developers and constructors who play a key role in the promotion of fire safety, can share relevant information and materials, cooperate and collaborate.  

Avalon helped formulate the campaign concept, designed the site and helped create useful content, ranging from downloadable assets such as infographics regarding fire prevention to news items on legislative changes and success stories about how stove guards have made a positive impact in real life. 

While the campaign’s key aim is to increase awareness and alert to risks, Safera’s technology also provides a solution.