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MARS Petcare

  • Concepting
  • Design


In just a few short months, MARS Petcare and Brighton partnered to create an entirely new petfood brand for mass market shoppers based on the growing appeal of “ancestral diets” for dogs and cats. Similar to paleo diets, ancestral diets give pet owners an opportunity to meet their pet’s instinctual dietary needs by providing nutritional values based on what wolves and large cats eat. While this ancestral trend has been growing in pet specialty stores over the last few years, no brand had brought an ancestral diet to mass market. 

Recognizing this opportunity, MARS Petcare worked with Brighton to develop an entirely new brand based on consumer research. Central to the launch of the brand was the name, branding and packaging which were designed to clearly evoke the core values and philosophies of ancestral feeding while making it relatable and accessible to a broad audience of consumers and their pets through simple, bold graphics and instantly recognizable memory structures. In addition to these core components, the team developed brand guidelines, messaging and supporting materials which together helped drive a rapid and successful launch of the brand.