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The Future of Business Workshops & Reports






Canon Finland

  • Concepting
  • Design
  • Development


To support Canon Finland’s goals for 2017 — to be the top-of-mind sales and service organization providing productive solutions – Avalon used the previous year’s successful concept they had created for the launch of Canon’s 3D printing business the year before.

To increase awareness and generate interest in Canon’s key business areas, Industrial & Production Solutions and Business and Information Services, Avalon arranged three workshops in January focusing on new topics. The agency built a loose framework for discussion, crafted invitations, hand-picked suitable participants and a facilitator for each workshop. The intent was to leave as much time as possible for attendees to participate in the discussion.  

From the recorded discussions, Avalon prepared three reports, and from interviews with attendees produced five-minute videos of their views on the key trends shaping each industry. To circulate the reports and videos for wider benefit, the team developed content marketing campaigns for current known contacts and used inbound activities to gather new leads.

The topic with the widest range of interest and application across all industries –  accelerating digitalization for business development – became the basis of a customer event in Helsinki that could be rolled out to other Canon offices in the country.