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Run to Rio


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As Olympic athletes were fighting for their dreams during the 2016 games in Rio, Chinese automaker tied in with the event to convey that it too is fighting – to provide global consumers with better products and services, and make great strides towards the objective of becoming a globally competitive international brand. Chery and the Olympics also have something else common – and that is “fun.” The 2016 "Run to Rio" theme encourages consumers to share the passion of competition through events such as watching parties, sports meets, beach volleyball and others.

Chery’s globalization effort that started in 2001 has made the company China's largest vehicle export brand for 13 consecutive years. Among a key component of its marketing has been sponsorship of Olympic delegations from countries where the auto is sold to relate the cultural charm of sports with a young and fashionable Chery brand experience. Chery has also presented autos to Olympic gold medal winners from selected countries.