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New Times. New Food.


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More and more people are changing their eating habits nowadays—they consume less meat and are open to a vegetarian or even vegan way of life, either because of health considerations or to stop animal suffering. Since vegini's food is made with peas (and not soy like most other meat substitutes), it delivers all the advantages of a more health-conscious lifestyle: its products are extremely rich in protein, completely free from genetic engineering or additives, just as firm to the bite as real meat and very eco-friendly in terms of cultivation.

This campaign addresses everyone who opposes industrial livestock farming. With an ambiguous slogan like “I love chicken. That’s why I eat vegini”, the campaign appeals both to animal-loving vegetarians and vegans and to flexitarians trying to reduce their meat consumption without wanting to break with their eating habits entirely.

The campaign uses all media, from print ads in special interest magazines and trade press to radio commercials, online and social media activities as well as PR. There will also be a new website with an integrated online shop soon.