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“Have You Packed for Wales?”


Golley Slater




Wales Tourism

  • Concepting


The goal of this campaign was to increase Wales’ share of the £92 billion UK stay-cation market. With many things to see and do, great food and fantastic accommodations, Wales offers everything consumers want in a stay-cation. However, their perceptions of Wales were broadly the opposite. Changing that perception was pretty simple when the product is a country and the only one in the world with a continuous footpath around its coastline, is home to the UK’s first national park, has the largest number of castles in Europe, the UK’s biggest mountain bike center, 100mph zip line, more Blue Flag environmentally certified beaches than the rest of the UK… The list goes on.

Golley Slater’s campaign "Have you packed for Wales?" was an open invitation for people to come and experience Wales and be prepared to pack everything in. A multi-channel campaign with over 50 different executions displayed the vast array of things to see, do, taste and experience, resulting in increased website traffic and direct response exceeding goals.