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“Glasses Same Day. Delivered Your Way”


Morrison Agency





  • Concepting
  • Design
  • Development


Prescription eyeglass manufacturer QSpex was launching a new brand and revolutionary service model for eye care providers, an industry dominated by a few large, established players. Although QSpex’s new model represented a distinct business advantage for eye care providers and same day service for the providers’ customers, the model required providers to change long-entrenched business practices. The new Concierge service offers same day delivery and fitting on the spot to the customer at any location of their choice.

To support the company’s position as a revolutionary industry leader, the agency created a new corporate logo with an athletic, fast, and nimble sensibility reinforcing the end-benefit of speed of delivery. Featuring an unusual color palette, the new mark also evokes a high-end luxury brand style. The company also needed an informative and technologically sophisticated website to explain the service model to eye care providers and their customers as well as handling fleet management, order entry and retrieval for the eye care providers, GPS-based order tracking and warranty registration for customers. Take a look at