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Get out of the Stone Age


Miller Brooks


United States


Latham Fiberglass Pools

  • Concepting
  • Design
  • Development


One hundred years ago, concrete may have been the best material for swimming pools. But a lot has changed. Today, Latham in-ground fiberglass pools are clearly a smarter choice—offering beautiful, customizable style choices; unmatched durability; and a smoother, easier-to-clean surface that takes less time and money to maintain than concrete. 

In a 30-second commercial for Latham, Miller Brooks contrasts the very different experiences of two families: one that scrubs and repairs a concrete pool and another that plays and relaxes in a Latham fiberglass pool. At the end of the spot, viewers are directed to a dedicated campaign landing page, where they can learn more about Latham fiberglass pools’ considerable advantages.

Supplemented by print, radio and digital elements, this playful but impactful television spot hit the airwaves in early 2017—encouraging audiences in multiple, strategically-chosen U.S. cities to choose fiberglass over concrete, and “get out of the stone age.”