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Let’s save lives today


Reichl und Partner Communications Group




Constantia Flexibles

  • Concepting
  • Design


Constantia Flexibles is an international producer of flexible packaging solutions. The pharma division of the company asked Reichl und Partner Communications Group to bring the new positioning of the brand to life in a way that would have an internal effect and transform the employees into convinced brand ambassadors.

The following is true for the pharma industry: a drug is only as good as its packaging. The packaging protects it against environmental influences and ensures that the active ingredients remain effective. With innovative packaging material that is also child safe and unforgeable, Constantia Flexibles contributes to the protection of consumer health and therefore is at eye-level with the drug manufacturers. Together they both save lives. This thought was translated into the central claim of our campaign: Let’s save lives today.

At the heart of the campaign is the first brand book that helps save lives. Next to the usual content of a brand book, it contains life-saving utensils (such as a respiratory mask). QR codes in the book lead to first aid videos produced for the purpose and uploaded on a microsite that mirrors the physical brand book. Furthermore, the agency developed a very unusual company video that also helps save lives: In addition to the mandatory information on the company and an introduction to the brand, the viewer benefits from useful first aid tips. Rather than just splicing the company content with the first aid content, the team separated them on two different soundtracks which givies the viewer the option of switching between them or watching them together.

The internal brand launch happened in the frame of a big event on the island of Malta, for which Reichl und Partner also developed the event material.