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Beat Cancer


Reichl und Partner Communications Group




Estée Lauder Companies

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The Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign of Estée Lauder Companies aims to activate women, on the one hand, to get preventive medical checkups more often and, on the other hand, to post #BCAstrength at For each post, $25 was donated to breast cancer research, which equals half an hour of research time. A positive message was delivered in all communication channels in a simple way, making clear that a small action – a medical check or a posting – can turn a desperate destiny into one with hope, and with an interesting 25-second TV and online spot shows how these actions can turn “BREAST CANCER“ into “BEAT CANCER.“ The spot as well as a radio spot and online banners that also told the story was produced with voluntary support of all stakeholders. Internationally renowned music star Parov Stelar lent support by arranging the music for the film.