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Tim Cifelli

President and COO


DDCworks - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

An ad guy, a PR man and a creative director walk into a bar. Truth is, that is NOT how the three principals of DDCworks met and decided to own and run an agency together.  It just makes for a better story. Though their real stories—in terms of backgrounds, talents and worldviews—are interesting as well.

Tim is a guy you can get to know immediately through the pictures on his wall: A small gallery of framed photos featuring a modestly younger Tim shaking hands with a bevy of elected officials, including a U.S. president or two. It all makes perfect sense because Tim’s first real jobs were communications assignments for campaigning politicians. Working those kinds of gigs makes Tim’s current job—leading PR and branding teams for financial, consumer, technology and medical device brands—a warm summer breeze. Beyond that, Tim also works to lead the company into new client categories and new types of assignments, including social media marketing and brand advocacy. Outside the office, Tim enjoys video games and Marvel comic book characters, some of whom he’s met at Comic Con. His partners, Mike Diccicco and Sean Donahue, have equally compelling stories.