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Tetsuzo Kita



K&L Inc. - Tokyo, Japan

Born in Tokyo, Tetsuzo started his career as an advisory staff member at an accounting/consulting firm. In 1987 he joined K&L, the advertising agency that his father, Sumitaka Kita had founded in 1963 to specialize in export advertising to promote Japanese brands in overseas markets. At the time, K&L was an exclusive affiliate of TBWA in Japan. In 1991, Tetsuzo relocated to work as an account executive at TBWA Brussels. He then became managing director at K&L Europe, based in Amsterdam, and in 2007, he became managing director, K&L Advertising Asia in Singapore. He started a joint venture with Arms Communication in Delhi to set up K&L Arms Communication to handle Japanese accounts in India. After a couple of years in India, he returned to Tokyo in 2013 to become president of K&L Inc. Japan.