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Ronald Morcus



Oxyma Group - Rotterdam, Netherlands

Ronald has been working in the marketing arena for almost 30 years. Previously at companies such as Philips, Brother and Yamaha, he took over the management of direct marketing agency Oxyma in 2000. At the time Oxyma was still part of a large corporate entity in the printing industry, employing approximately 60 people. After a management buyout in 2007, Ronald and his four colleagues continued to further the successful development of Oxyma.

Today, Oxyma is a leading omni-channel and data-driven agency. More than 250 digital marketing professionals are highly motivated to continuously create customer value for a wide range of blue chip companies. At the heart of Oxyma’s successful development has been an ongoing obsession with employee engagement and the organizational culture which flows from that.

From a leadership perspective, Ronald and his team focus on effectively managing growth that results naturally from the company’s success. The team has avoided aiming for growth as a goal in itself because of the risk of losing control. Based on this experience, Ronald published “Marketing Performers,” a book detailing how marketing firms should be organized in order to obtain maximum return on marketing talent.

In 2015, after 15 years of autonomous growth, Ronald and his team felt that this strategy was not enough to keep up with rapidly changing market demands and that in order to become one of Europe’s leading omni-channel agencies, something else was needed. An ambitious buy-and-build strategy was developed with financial backing from a private equity shareholder. With this strategy in place, Ronald and his team are guiding Oxyma into a new and exciting phase.

Ronald loves to play golf, although rarely allows himself the time to do so. This, of course, is his lame excuse for still having a handicap of 25.