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Rino Ferrari



RINO COM - São Paulo, Brazil

Rino has more than 40 years of experience in all aspects of the advertising and marketing communications business. He started his career at “For Sales Publicidade e Vendas” in 1974 and then joined the Rino team in 1976. He has planned and carried out communication projects, incorporating a mix of marketing communication tools for more than 300 companies across a variety of fields, including consumer goods; industrial products; services; social and political marketing; community, corporate and institutional.  

He has attended more than 100 events on communication and advertising and presented more than 100 lectures. He has been published in newspapers, magazines and advertising-related books. Rino is fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish (has reasonable Italian and French).

He now is the primary marketing advisor for all of his agency’s clients and actively participates in all communication plans. He holds a degree in business administration from São Paulo Catholic University, a certificate of proficiency in English from the University of Michigan and a number of other marketing and creative certifications from institutions in Europe and the U.S. He is a member of the ethics council CONAR (National Advertising Self-Regulation Council) representing ABAP (Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies), an ethics board member of CENP (executive board of the Standard Norms of Advertising) representing FENAPRO (National Federation of Advertising Agencies) and a director of SINAPRO-SP (São Paulo State Syndicate of Advertising Agencies).

A member of ICOM since 1996, he served as ICOM’s regional director for Latin America for more than 10 years and as worldwide president for three. In his leisure time, he enjoys water sports, sailing, horseback riding and meeting nice people.