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Richard Carango

President and Creative Director


Schubert Communications - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Rich is a “lifer” at Schubert b2b. He started his career there fresh out of college as an eager young graphic designer. In the 22 years that followed, he worked his way up through the agency doing just about every job along the way – from graphic design to copywriting to account management and everything in between. All the while, learning the ropes in b2b marketing.

In 2009, Rich took the helm of Schubert b2b when he was appointed president and creative director. He believes that his unique path to agency leadership and many job experiences within the agency give him a unique perspective to connect with everyone on the Schubert b2b team. He strives to create a collaborative environment where all good ideas – and young talent – are given a chance to shine.

Under his leadership, Schubert b2b has created award-winning work for many major b2b brands – all leaders in their respective industries – ranging from chemical and electronics manufacturers and software development to companies involved with electrical engineering and sustainable technologies, including General Instrument and Motorola.

Rich is a past board member and president of the Art Directors Club of Philadelphia. In fact, along with a team of insanely hard-working board members and club officers, Rich led the rebirth of the ADCP. Rich also served as a member of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Business Marketing Association (BMA). With the BMA, Rich particularly enjoys the opportunity to take place in the portfolio review and mentoring sessions for young superstars about to graduate college and enter the “real world.” Rich has served as a judge for the BMA Bell Ringer Awards and the International Web Awards creative and marketing competitions.

Passionate about b2b and helping companies of all sizes improve the effectiveness of their marketing communications, Rich has been invited to speak at industry events and to contribute to trade publications that cover the industries his clients serve.