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Reet Ahluwalia

Founder/Managing Director


Arms Communications - New Delhi, India

A first generation entrepreneur and advertising professional, Reet has spent three-and-a-half decades shaping brands, people and the industry. The legacy began when Reet opened Arms Communications and since then never looked back.

He is greatly respected for his astute sense of the prospect of businesses which he helps develop into large brands, form a mutually beneficial ecosystem, grow with them and relish their longstanding relationships.  He has played an instrumental role in growing large business houses into global brands – partnering with brands such as HCL, the No. 1 information technology company; NIIT, India’s No. 1 information technology training brand;

VLCC, India’s No. 1 beauty and slimming brand; FORTIS, India’s biggest hospital network; and SRL Religare, India’s biggest serum diagnostics brand.

A visionary, Reet helped create a value system at Arms Communications that brings together commitment, knowledge sharing, growth and business understanding to create outstanding communication and helps to promote a bonding and dependability with clients, partners, employees and vendors.

Augmenting talent, optimizing resources and being a strategic partner has always been his underlying mantra to constantly keep Arms Communications relevant. Reet also has taken other actions to grow the business and increase opportunities, such as agency acquisitions and forming joint ventures. He is always looking for new opportunities by leveraging the strengths of ICOM members.

He is a self-made man driven by simplicity, high family values and loyal friendship. Some of his staff have been working alongside him for 35 years. An ardent golfer, he can club a ball long and wide, but putts every hole with perfection, and he believes that’s what life is.

Reet serves on the ICOM board as Asia-Pacific Director-At-Large.