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Rainer Reichl

Founder and CEO


Reichl und Partner Communications Group - Vienna, Austria

Rainer, an expert in brand positioning, 360° advertising and communications strategies, opened Reichl und Partner Communications Group in 1988 after graduating from Johannes Kepler University Linz and spending three years at Demner, Merlicek and Bergmann in Vienna. Reichl und Partner has grown to become the No. 1 agency in Austria with offices also in Linz, Austria; Stuttgart, Germany; and Zürich, Switzerland, and is also one of the largest independent agencies in the German-speaking part of Europe. 

Agency offerings cover all areas of marketing communications, including traditional advertising, direct marketing, media planning, public relations, e-marketing, social media and event marketing. In 2015 Reichl und Partner won a Bronze Lion at the International Cannes Lions Festival for Creativity.

In addition to his love of all things advertising and marketing, Rainer has a wide range of interests from politics and history to organizing fundraising and charity projects. In his leisure time, he enjoys traveling to major metropolises worldwide, people and their cultures, sailing, golf, running, old cars, wine, good food, good company and music especially jazz, classical, ethnic and world music.