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Nobuhiro Niwa



ADEX Nihon Keizai Advertising Co. - Tokyo, Japan

Nobuhiro, who took office as our new president in 2020, will continue the tradition of managing the agency guided by Shikon Shosai (士魂商才 - having a samurai's spirit and a merchant's business sense). With his digital knowledge and experience, he is aiming for a new stage in the changing advertising industry.

Over the past few years, ADEX has launched a number of campaigns using iconic Japanese content - animations and characters - which have generated significant client contributions in terms of buzz and brand lift. These campaigns have won various advertising awards and enhanced our presence in the Japanese advertising industry.

In addition, as communication is becoming increasingly digital in order to meet the needs of our clients, we launched ADEXDIGITAL, a digital advertising management company. The ratio of digital sales is one of the highest in the general advertising industry.

Also, in order to propose and execute a campaign that integrates online and offline advertising, he established a new headquarters to promote IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications). Nobuhiro believes that the strongest and smartest ones don't always survive, but it's the ones that can always adapt to change that will survive.

Under his leadership, ADEX will continue to be a changing company.