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Motohiko Yoshida

Chief Operations Officer


ADEX Nihon Keizai Advertising Co. - Tokyo, Japan

From the beginning of his already 30-year career, Motohiko has been concentrating on the world changing from offline to online.

In the early years, advertisers would have a big idea and just spread it out over the different channels of mass media to move consumers. Their working style was different, too, spending a lot of time to make one big idea and produce creative works. In 1995, digital accelerated everything. We now have to examine consumers closely before planning, and reflect on their reactions after a very short amount of time in order to move quickly to the next. We no longer had the luxury of spending lots of time on one idea, opting instead for a more trial-and-error approach. The industry of our clients also changed with the rise of personal computers and smartphones.

Motohiko specializes in communication planning and was concerned from the beginning with how digitization would change things like strategic planning, branding, creative production, the media plan, and SP plans. As the circumstances of business changed, he established a new division within human resources for both planners and account executives to support the new digital communication needs of the client and pushed forward expansion of the digital business of ADEX. His focus now is on unifying all communication including mass media, digital media, SNS and in-store campaigns. This new unification marketing communication team will be able to make full use of data and advertising production.