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Monalisa Bangera

Owner and Managing Director


Spearhead Africa - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Living in Tanzania as an expat since 1998, Monalisa has seen the word leadership and commitment defined in more ways than one. It took working at a local radio and TV station for Monalisa to realize that advertising and communication are what she loves. During three years in the media and another few managing a cellular brand at an ad agency, her love for advertising grew. That ignited her passion to start her own agency, and she launched Spearhead Africa in 2007.

Monalisa’s client-centered approach includes understanding a client’s business before developing strategic communications to help grow the business, a strength that helped her grow her agency as well. Her leadership and entrepreneurial spirit are reflected in the success and consistent growth of Spearhead.

“To do anything different and amazing, you have to step out of your comfort zone and step into the place where the magic happens,” she says, and that has been one of her guiding principles. Having the sole responsibility of running the agency including overseeing business development, staff recruitment, training and motivation, managing ongoing marketing projects, negotiations and handling obligatory business finances, Monalisa has honed her skills to efficiently manage a successful agency.

Another of her strengths lies in understanding the local market and how to provide the right marketing solutions for a brand to connect with its consumers and then to implement the solutions at the highest level of delivery - where a client’s every cent is leveraged for efficiency.

She is proud of the long-term partnerships she has with her clients. Among the leading brands she has worked on are Deloitte, Fuso (trucks), Huawei and Samsung. If Monalisa were not involved in the high strung agency profession, she reckons she would be in the music industry playing as lead guitarist with a rock band. Although she owns an electric guitar, her busy work schedule barely allows her to admire it in passing.