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Mike Diccicco



DDCworks - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

An ad guy, a PR man and a creative director walk into a bar. Truth is, that is NOT how the three principals of DDCworks met and decided to own and run an agency together.  It just makes for a better story. Though their real stories—in terms of backgrounds, talents and worldviews—are interesting as well.

Mike is a Mad Men era copywriter who turned to the dark side and became an account guy years ago. He still writes some, but most of his time is spent on the brand strategy and account management side of the world.  He provides much of the vision and strategic direction for the agency and in a lot of ways is its spiritual leader. He’s the type of guy who senses that you’re having a bad day, takes the time to sit down with you, then offers some sage words of wisdom that always seem right on the mark. And then he’ll tell you to do your damn timesheets. Beyond the workplace, Mike plays tennis badly, runs sporadically and slowly, and fancies himself an author of fiction, with a completed novel on his laptop, unpublished and, hence, woefully underappreciated. His partner Sean Donahue has equally compelling stories.