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Marnix Tiggeloven



Fitzroy - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Marnix Tiggeloven is a marketing consultant with over 20 years of experience in advertising and design. He has founded several companies and now runs the creative agency Fitzroy in Amsterdam, together with his best friend Jur Baart.

Marnix started his first company while studying design and communication in Rotterdam. He'd just turned 24 and was surrounded by friends who were also starting their own enterprises. They asked for his advice and he helped them make their companies successful. Soon the creative agency Vrienden—which is Dutch for 'Friends'—grew and served clients like Bacardi, Coca-Cola, Heineken and Philips.

Next to Vrienden, he also started the experiential agency Bruut, which developed brand experiences. Bruut realized extraordinary projects, working closely with innovators from the art and music scene. With Bruut he also founded the well-known multifunctional breeding ground BG—'Ground Floor' in Dutch—where famous national and international artists created exhibitions and other experiences in cooperation with brands such as Red Bull, Heineken and HP. At night, BG turned into a club where renowned international DJs performed.

After 12 years, Marnix joined forces with his good friend Jur Baart and together they started Fitzroy, where Marnix acts as the link between client, creation and culture. His flawless sense of zeitgeist is one of the strengths he brings to the agency, which now works for both start-ups and big international brands.

Marnix has also been an advisory board member (for energy supplier Qurrent, amongst others) and advises and invests in various start-ups. He has a love for mountain sports, which is somewhat inconvenient since, after the Seychelles, The Netherlands is the flattest country in the world. But being a passionate mountain biker, backcountry skier and snowboarder, he thus regularly travels to the Alps in his small camper van affectionately nicknamed ‘Silver Bullet’.