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Louis Laurent

President and CEO


ZLR IGNITION - Des Moines, Iowa, USA

It’s hard to find anyone who puts more heart and soul into branding than Louie. Under his leadership, ZLR IGNITION has helped countless brands establish their look, feel and strategic direction with great success.

With Louie’s guidance, Iowa State University has encouraged students to “enjoy their adventure,” which has helped lead to a 40% enrollment increase over the past decade. UnityPoint Health got its new name and tagline, “The point of unity is you,” and in the process became the fourth largest non-denominational health system in the country. And the Iowa Economic Development Authority has attracted company after company to relocate to Iowa.

As president of ZLR IGNITION, Louie is responsible for the strategic direction of the company, new business growth and nurturing and supporting his talented staff. He’s also participated in the Leadership Institute of Greater Des Moines and is a frequent lecturer at Drake University, his alma mater.

During the week, you can find Louie strumming his guitar in between meetings, reviewing creative concepts or writing. When he’s not at work, he enjoys golfing, wine and Drake basketball.