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Lauris Spillers

Founder/Chief Executive


Alpha Baltic - Riga, Latvia

In 1994, Lauris, an accomplished cyclist and sports enthusiast, founded Alpha Baltic, which has since become the leading full service advertising and marketing agency in Latvia. The marketing communication group also has offices in Lithuania and Estonia. The agency has topped the list of agencies in turnover in Latvia for four consecutive years. Many of the agency’s clients are also leaders in their industries, and Alpha Baltic handles a number of international clients as well.

Lauris is responsible for the development of a series of large sporting events taking place throughout the year. With Lauris at its helm, the agency organizes running, cycling, skiing and inline-skating competitions that attract a significant number of participants, both amateurs and professionals from the Baltics and abroad. He himself participates in cycling competitions, and his team, Alpha Baltic/, is recognized for its performance and competitive spirit both on national and international levels.