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Ken Whyte

Senior Consultant


Quarry - Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Ken joined the Quarry organization more than 27 years ago and has been President for the past 10. Before becoming President, Ken was COO for several years as well as account director for many long-term client relationships in the technology/telecom sector, including Blackberry, HP, Nortel and Sprint PCS. Today, that technology focus has become the agency’s sweet spot, building complex B2B brands across North America.

In his role today, Ken leads the eight-member Integration Council at Quarry in their leadership and management of the 100-plus team in execution of the organization’s strategic plan. The agency is very focused on building and maintaining the right culture to attract and retain an amazing array of great people.

With a focus on hiring the best talent and matching that with a drive for deploying the very latest modern marketing techniques, Quarry has earned a reputation of one of the premier, technology-savvy B2B agencies in North America.

Ken is also very passionate about environmental sustainability and sits on a not-for- profit national board supporting like-minded businesses in reducing their carbon footprint.

Ken serves on the ICOM board as North America Regional Director.