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Kalle Heinonen



Super Analytics - Turku, Finland

Kalle has been active in the digital media and analytics industry for some 15 years – starting with the establishment of his first agency at age 23, which he subsequently sold five years later to a marketing technology services company.

A pioneer of digitalization and analytics throughout the Nordic region, Kalle cites as his core competencies business strategy, digital advertising and analytics. Driven to improve the measurability of traditional advertising, he says, “If it’s hard to measure, it’s harder to pleasure.” Over the years, he has served on several boards and held advisory roles in Nordic organizations, both commercial for-profits and non-profits.

He started Super Analytics in 2012 as a data-driven marketing agency to provide services such as web analytics and mobile business intelligence and reporting. This, in turn, makes marketing more profitable, measurable and effective. Currently, Kalle is focusing on understanding human behavior within different phases of organizational development and learning concepts related to driving new innovations and talent management.

Twice, he has been named to the top 100 list of the most influential professionals within the digitalization and analytics field in Finland, and he was invited into the Presidents Club of Adobe Systems for exceeding sales targets in the EMEA region. He is a founding member of the Web Analytics Association in Finland and the Nordic region, of the IAB Search Advertising Task Force and of the Ad Measurement Task Force.

A proud father of two, he is a man of varied interests: Football and floor hockey enthusiast, gadget freak and adtech geek define him.